About TrotBlogger

TrotBlogger is a travel blog platform. It has been built to help travelers to create websites as beautiful as their travel memories without any computer knowledge and moreover, without needing to buy many plugins and extensions allowing them to add maps on their website but which, finally, have difficulties integrating well and beautifully on the website.

TrotBlogger is the solution to create a full travel blog quickly, easily and cheaply. All tools you need have already been integrated. You can test all TrotBlogger features for free. Our offers allows you to have more storage to upload photos, to have your own domain name and to remove ads on your website.

TrotBlogger has been tested during three years by a travelers family. During this period, its functionalities have been extended, improved so everyone can find the tools he really needs.

Now, our platform is opened for free to everyone, become now a TrotBlogger and help us improve our offer. If you need anything like a new feature, a specific design, or for any question, contact us, we study all your requests.

In the medium term, we would like to improve our offer with the following features :

  • Choose your Maps provider, to let you display maps using other services than Google Maps, like Leaflet, ESRI ArcGIS, Microsoft Bing, ...
  • Mobile application to update articles and travels offline
  • Enable GPS tracking, to create a travel directly from a GPS tracker
  • Video upload directly on TrotBlogger, and using videos as cover for an article
  • Home page builder, a tool to help you create a home page different from posts list with anything you want on it