Our features

Travel maps

Our beautiful maps let you create itineraries of all your travels and use them everywhere. You can set on your posts beginning and endind places and it will automatically insert a map of your itinerary in your post. You can insert maps corresponding to all your travels or part of it in your posts or add a localization widget in order to let your followers know where you actually are.

Create easily your maps with our tool, you can also use your computer geolocalization when you are traveling to add places you're visiting to your maps.

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Displaying of your medias

In order to make your content the most attractive possible, our media displaying tool will let you layout very easily your photos, videos and maps.

Your posts will be beautiful effortlessly and this will keep your readers. You can easily and elegantly display tens of photos with a map in the middle of your post and keep your post easy to read.

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Photos geolocalization

Associate your photos to places you already visited and they will automatically appear on your maps.

When you look at your maps, random photos taken in places in the visible area of the map will appear, making your itineraries more personal and nicer.

Every information that appear on the maps can be set in parameters, letting you customizing your maps as you want and making them unique.

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Powerful tools

TrotBlogger is made for travelers, so, our tools are adapted to your needs. You'll find a toolkit that will permit you to post easily your content :

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Customizable designs

Our designs are made to beseen on every kind of devices.

You can choose a design among those offered by TrotBlogger, we regularly create new designs, then customize this design to make it unique ! Change colors, fonts, add your css or your scripts if you want in a few clicks only !

If you want a design created specially for you, contact us.

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Social Networks

Our tools let your users share quickly and easily your content on every social networks you want.

Your content is optimized to have a nice display on social networks. You can fill your personal profile urls on social networks in order to let the pages of your website shared on social networks to be more personal.

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Use our widgets to add external data or to offer shortcuts to your maps, posts, photos, ... for your readers.

TrotBlogger offers you a large number of widgets that helps you highlight your content. The widgets can be inserted anywhere in your design.

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Photos gallery

Thanks to our photos gallery, geolocalize and update easily your photos.

Organize them in thematic albums to create thematic photos

gallery pages!

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You only need your video link from YouTube, Vimeo or from other platforms.

The video can be seen on your website using our media displaying tool.

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TrotBlogger supports HTML5, that you will be able to use to adapt your design manually and insert HTML5's widgets from third party services.

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More features


TrotBlogger makes its best to assure you the best places on search engine. Set SEO parameters to improve your ranking and to better know your readers.

TrotBlogger sends an update of your sitemap to the main search engines each time you update your website (article creation for example)

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Domain name

Our TrotBlogger offers let you have your own domain name, don't wait longer to choose yours, improve your ranking and keep your readers.

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TrotBlogger let you keep your website private if you want to. It will allow you to create content before making it public. You can also choose a protected website and restrain its access to those who already know your website's url.

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Manage subscribers

TrotBlogger let your readers subscribe to your website. Your subscribers will receive a notification email each time you publish a post on your website. Subscription can be made through a widget.

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Add sumups of your posts in different languages.

TrotBlogger, as a travel blog platform, knows that your readers can visit your website form the whole world, it lets you add to your posts sumups in foreign languages of your choice. So your followers will be able to read an extract of your post in their language and will be able to translate the entire post easily.

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Moderate your comments

As an administrator, you need to moderate the comments on your website. TrotBlogger manages spam for you, but you'll have to approve the comments that fit to you. You can choose to approve every comments automatically if you want.

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TrotBlogger offers you detailed statistics about your readers. You can see the numbers of pages viewed, of readers, ...and that per day, per week, per month or per year. See at a glance where do your followers come from, their language and also the websites from which they have been able to access to yours. If you want it, set Google Analytics for more statistics.

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